The undeniable attraction of ‘king stock’ and capital raising story

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Strengthening investors seeking success, the third issue of the largest series of investment advisory programs on securities with the theme “Banking industry – Highlights from the story of capital increase” will officially air at 11:20 am on Wednesday, July 28 on VTV24 Money fanpage and SSI Fanpage.

If in the previous issue, the application of macro analysis to stock investment was mentioned, this time the leading financial experts will dig deeper to analyze a group of stocks that are always favored by investors – bank stocks.

It is no coincidence that banking stocks are known in the financial world as “king stocks”. This is the industry group with the largest market capitalization, and is also the top priority of many investors, whether F0 or professional, individual or organization, domestic or foreign. There are even many investment funds that allocate 1/3 of their portfolios to bank stocks. Therefore, banking stocks are always one of the factors that strongly influenced the index.

Besides, banking is a highly specific business. Unlike other industries, the development of the banking industry directly affects the national credit coefficient and the growth of the economy. Industry policies, especially on interest rates, also have a great influence on the performance of businesses and the amount of money pouring into the stock market.

To help investors understand more deeply about the story of the banking industry, the online investment consulting program SSI invites a very special guest: Mr. Nguyen Hung – General Director of TPBank (HoSE: TPB). TPBank is known as the leading digital bank in Vietnam, technology elements are applied to each transaction and operation, bringing convenience and safety to investors, especially during the Covid pandemic. -19. In the second quarter of 2021, TPBank’s pre-tax profit reached VND 3,007 billion, up 47.80% over the same period last year and equivalent to 54% of the whole year plan. At the end of last month, the State Bank also approved for TPBank to increase its charter capital by 1,000 billion dong through private placement of shares.

As the CEO of a growing digital bank, Mr. Nguyen Hung will have useful sharing, the own story of TPBank’s “purple bank” and the broader picture of the banking industry from the perspective of managers in the industry.

Telling more about the wishes of guests and experts when participating in the program, Ms. Hoang Viet Phuong – Director of SSI Investment and Analysis Center said: “This is a very appropriate time to discuss the story. At this time, many banks have announced business results for the first 6 months of the year with positive numbers, profits increased by an average of 50-60% compared to Besides, the story of capital increase Many banks are also receiving great attention from investors.In the 3rd issue of the SSI online investment consulting program, we will spend time sharing more specifically about this will give investors a clearer view of the current Vietnamese banking industry, make predictions about the banking industry’s outlook in the second half of 2021, and learn how to invest in banking stocks such as how effective”.

In the third issue of the largest investment advisory program on securities, leading market experts will work with investors to understand the impact of the banking industry on the stock market, business performance and growth. bank stocks in the first half of the year, and at the same time, look at the capital raising story and evaluate the attractiveness of bank stocks in the second half of the year from an expert perspective.

“The preferred cash flow for king stocks is not only in abundant liquidity, but also based on attractive investment stories behind such as strong profit growth in the first 2 quarters of the year, Circular 03/2021/NHNN creates positive effect for cash flow and capital increase story Besides, there are investment opportunities through investment funds, with the minimum capital is not large but the profit is extremely positive.

A typical example is the SSIAM VNFIN LEAD ETF – a fund that simulates a financial industry index with a large proportion of banking stocks, which has grown 68.18% since the beginning of the year. And is the fund with the best performance among all funds in the Vietnam stock market in the first quarter of 2021”, said Mr. Nguyen Minh Hanh – Investment Director of SSI Fund Management Company Limited (SSIAM) – one of the speakers who will contribute in the program – believes that investors have a lot of profit opportunities from the banking industry if they choose the right investment products.

The series of securities investment advisory programs including 5 issues is broadcast weekly at 11:20 am on Wednesdays on VTV24 Money Fanpage and SSI Fanpage, replayed on the official Youtube channel of SSI Securities.

This Wednesday, 11:20 am on July 28, the third issue of the program titled “Banking industry – The bright spot from capital raising story” will air. The program always spends time to answer questions and concerns for investors. Right now, SSI fanpage is also accepting questions, investors can immediately access and send questions to experts in the program.

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