The Vietnam Stock Exchange has a charter capital of VND 3,000 billion

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The Ministry of Finance issued Decision 757/QD-BTC on promulgating the Charter on organization and operation of the Vietnam Stock Exchange (VNX). This is a one-member limited liability company with 100% state-owned charter capital, operating under the Law on Securities, the Law on Enterprises, the Law on Management and use of state capital invested in production and business in enterprises, relevant legal provisions and this charter.

VNX has legal status, its own seal; may open accounts in Vietnam dong and foreign currency at domestic commercial banks and the State Treasury. At the same time, do the independent accounting, the financial regime, the regime of statistical reporting, accounting, auditing and financial obligations in accordance with the law.

The legal representative of VNX is the general director or the person assigned by the representative agency to be the general director or the person assigned to be in charge of the executive apparatus.

VNX holds 100% charter capital of Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) and Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HSX).

VNX and its subsidiaries are established to perform the function of organizing the securities trading market in accordance with the law on securities, contributing to ensuring securities trading activities at the Exchanges conducting public, fairness, order, safety and efficiency; protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors engaged in securities trading.

VNX sở hữu 100% vốn điều lệ của HNX và HoSE.

VNX owns 100% charter capital of HNX and HoSE.

The charter capital of VNX is 3,000 billion VND, according to the Decision No. 37/2020 / QD-TTg dated December 23, 2020 of the Prime Minister on the establishment, organization and operation of the Stock Exchange. Vietnam.

The adjustment of the charter capital of VNX complies with the provisions of law. Working capital of the Vietnam Stock Exchange includes equity in enterprises, mobilized capital and other lawful capital sources as prescribed by law.

VNX receives capital investment in subsidiaries held by VNX with 100% charter capital, to organize the securities trading market in accordance with the law on securities, Decision No. 37/2020/QD-TTg and the provisions of this charter, investing in projects, investing outside enterprises in the field of securities and securities market, contributing capital with other economic organizations to develop information technology infrastructure and develop securities services within the scope of functions and tasks of VNX in order to develop the securities market after the owner’s representative agency approves the policy.

For subsidiary companies with 100% charter capital held by VNX, the Vietnam Stock Exchange has the right to decide on the establishment, the charter capital upon establishment, objectives, tasks and business lines of the subsidiary after with the opinion of the owner’s representative agency.

VNX also has the right to adjust the charter capital in the course of operation, reorganization, ownership exchange, disbursement and bankruptcy request of subsidiaries after the opinion of the representative body of VNX owner also elaborating and promulgating regulations on securities listing, securities trading, information announcement, membership and other professional regulations related to securities trading and regulations; to promulgate criteria for supervision of transactions; approve and cancel vnx membership.

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