Thuan An City, Binh Duong Province: Towards sustainable development

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Dynamic urban, gratitude

The most outstanding feature in Thuan An’s socio-economic development in the past 5 years is the urban face that has changed dramatically in a spacious and modern direction. And it is not difficult to realize this, when on the main road running through the city, there are the presence of many famous foreign car companies and many transaction offices of domestic and foreign banks; modern supermarkets were opened continuously to revitalize a young city.

Along with the impressive development of the industrial segment, mainly the industry of high-tech applications, with a production value of VND 241,400 billion (an average increase of 9% per year), associated with the name Khu In the industrial park (IPIP) VSIP 1, the trade – service segment has also grown quite fast (an average increase of 21% per year with a total retail value of goods of VND 77,000 billion), which has become the key economic sectors. Contribute to Thuan An’s budget.

The reform of administrative procedures (PAR) is also another bright spot of Thuan An, when in 2018 ranked 2nd in the whole province and many wards and communes are always in the top 10 of the province. In particular, the PAR index of the city and wards continuously ranked in the top 10 of the province for many years, such as Vinh Phu ward. That has helped the transactions of people and businesses when coming to the departments and wards of the city more smoothly.

Infrastructure investment in schools, health facilities, and sports is also a significant highlight of Thuan An recently. In the past 5 years, Thuan An has invested in building 11 new schools, upgrading 20 schools, bringing the total number of public schools to 55 schools, including 37 schools reaching national standards. Only in the school year 2019-2020, Thuan An has started to build 6 new schools and in the school year 2020-2021, newly built 4 more schools.

Among them, there is Vinh Phu Primary School with 45 classes selected as a work to welcome the Binh Duong Provincial Party Congress, which will be started in the fourth quarter of 2020 with an investment of more than VND 100 billion. Completed construction will help students go to school more conveniently, instead of crossing Binh Duong Boulevard to Phu Long Primary School. Thuan An City currently has 3 large hospitals that have been invested in socialization: Hanh Phuc, Becamex and Columbia. Addressing the need for study and medical treatment for the children of workers and workers and the fast-growing commercial service system has helped domestic and foreign workers feel somewhat assured when coming to work residing in Thuận An.

Not only focusing on economic development, building roads and schools, Thuan An City also pays attention to social security, such as mobilizing businesses to give bus tickets and train tickets to workers to come home to eat. Tet holiday, take care of workers staying to eat Tet. Especially, during the Covid-19 epidemic, the city mobilized philanthropists and businesses to give 6,929 gifts, worth VND 1.58 billion; direct 3,514 tons of rice and 5,100 medical masks to workers and workers in difficulties. At the same time, mobilizing 322 landlords and kiosks for rent reduced more than 2.46 billion dong rent to share the difficulties caused by the epidemic to workers in the area.

Tourism development

In order to move towards a harmonious and sustainable urban development, in the next term, Thuan An City will continue to carry out traffic development, flood control projects, park construction and speed up administrative reform, removing problems. difficulties and attract investors; make use of socialized capital and budget sources for investment in urgent projects; improve people’s life, ensure social security, security and environmental protection; to strive to achieve the grade-1 urban criteria under the province by 2025. And one of the areas that the city focuses on opening is tourism. For a long time, Thuan An City put resources for industrial development, while inherent advantages for tourism development such as Lai Thieu garden and the Saigon river landscape, temples and shrines. trade villages have not been exploited yet.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tam, Chairman of Thuan An City People’s Committee, frankly admitted: “Tourism is the weakest point of the locality despite its great potential and is close to Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai Province. In the coming time, Thuan An City will calculate investment in transport infrastructure – roads along the Saigon River to synchronize with Binh Duong Boulevard to promote the advantage of river tourism, bringing passengers from Ho Chi Minh City up, combining Visit famous relics such as Phu Long communal house, Minh Long pottery village.

Thuan An also plans to rehabilitate Lai Thieu fruit garden, holding periodic festivals “Lai Thieu season of ripe fruits” coinciding with the time of the Lunar New Year (5th lunar month of the lunar calendar) in order to attract domestic and national visitors to visit according to the tour associated with the provinces, the Southeast. This place used to be a famous picnic spot, attracting a lot of tourists from Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces. Opening this sightseeing route is a meaningful job to preserve and develop the unique characteristics of tourism resources.

In the direction and task of implementing the socio-economic development plan for the period of 2020-2025, Thuan An sets out the orientation to attract resources, invest in tourism development associated with the construction of passenger terminals developing river-road tourism routes, combining with visiting Lai Thieu orchards, cultural heritages, traditional trade villages and tourist resorts and areas in the area.