TPB enters high price zone, vice president’s daughter wants to buy 1 million shares

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Ms. Do Quynh Anh has just registered to buy 1 million shares during the period from November 17 to December 16, according to the method of agreement and/or order matching.

Temporarily based on TPB’s market price, Ms. Quynh Anh is expected to spend more than 43 billion dong to complete the transaction.

Currently, this shareholder is holding nearly 34 million TPB shares, equivalent to 2.9%. If successfully buying the registered TPB shares, Ms. Do Quynh Anh will increase her holdings to nearly 35 million units, equivalent to 2.98%.

It is known that Ms. Do Quynh Anh is the daughter of Mr. Do Anh Tu, Vice Chairman of TPBank’s Board of Directors.

Before Ms. Quynh Anh, a group of shareholders related to SoffBank had purchased 24 million TPB shares from October 5 to November 3.

Four organizations related to SoftBank’s Investment Block include SBI Ven Holdings Pre, FPT Investment Fund Management Joint Stock Company (FPT Capital, according to the investment trust of SBI Ven Holdings Pte. Ltd), SP Co., Ltd. and JB Co., Ltd. simultaneously registered to buy a total of 28.4 million TPB shares, but in fact only bought 24 million shares due to the fact that they did not meet expectations.

TPBank recently approved the implementation of the plan to increase charter capital for the second phase in 2021 through the form of stock issuance to increase capital from equity.

This bank is expected to increase its charter capital from more than 11,716 billion VND to more than 15,817 billion VND.

Regarding personnel developments, TPBank recently appointed Mr. Bui Quang Cuong, Director of Information Technology Division to hold the position of Deputy General Director of the bank since November 10.

With this appointment decision, TPBank currently has 8 deputy general directors.

TPB shares closed on November 13 at 43,500 VND/share. Compared to 1 year ago, the market price of TPB has increased by 120% and is at a high price zone. Market capitalization is estimated at more than VND 50,900 billion.

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