Vietnam lychee was first exported to Singapore

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Vietnam Trade Office in Singapore said that the first batch of lychee exported to Singapore is being sold on the shelves of supermarkets belonging to Fair Price system – a retail group accounting for 70% market share of this country.

Each kilo of Vietnamese lychee is priced at SGD 5, equivalent to VND 84,000 in the first week of promotion and increases to SGD 6 (about VND 100,000) in the following weeks. This price is equal to the Chinese fabric being sold in Singapore. After 2 weeks on the shelves, according to the representative of Vietnam Trade Office in Singapore, many supermarkets here have no stock to sell.


Singaporeans choose to buy Vietnamese fabric at the supermarket. Photo: VNA

The promotion of bringing lychee to Singapore market was carried out from 3 years ago. In fact, in 2018 and 2019, Vietnamese lychee (whole stem, not canned) appeared through small-scale quota at the people’s markets in Singapore. However, the sale at the outdoor market without treatment, ensuring the optimal temperature, causes the lychee to quickly deteriorate, fade. Therefore, small importers are reluctant to sign contracts for the next crops.

This is the first year Vietnamese litchi fruit has been officially exported to this market. By mid-June, nearly 50 tons of fabric were exported to Singapore from Hai Phong port and it is expected that about 100 tons of fabric will be exported to this market this year.

At present, the source of litchi to Singapore is taken from the planting region by the OTAS Vietnam chain link standard system to serve the Japanese market. In the coming years, when the demand of the Japanese market gets bigger, this source of fabric will not be able to supply to Singapore.

Besides, according to the preliminary assessment, the packaging and handling of Vietnam is not good, leading to the fabric is still much damaged when docked in Singapore. Therefore, Vietnam Trade Department recommends that quarantine of litchi before export should be done better, ensuring sustainable export of lychee to Singapore.

At the end of June, the first batch of lychee exported to Japan was also officially distributed and put on the shelves of supermarkets in this country, after more than 5 years of negotiation with many efforts of the authorities of the two countries.