Vingroup plans to reach VND 170,000 billion in revenue this year, one and a half times that of 2020

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According to the document of the annual general meeting of shareholders in 2021 just announced, Vingroup Group (HoSE: VIC) sets a target of net revenue of up to about VND 170,000 billion in 2021.

In 2020, this group’s net revenue is at VND 110,490 billion. Thus, net revenue growth is expected to reach 54%.

Vingroup’s profit after tax this year is expected to be about VND 4,500 billion, flat compared to 2020.

Vingroup said that in 2021, the group will promote business activities to strengthen three main pillars: Technology – Industry – Trade and Services, creating a “tripod” posture.

More specifically, in terms of business activities, this group will diversify the products and services of each vertical, thereby diversifying revenue sources and encouraging customers to regularly use services and products in the ecosystem; applying technology to all activities; expanding the export of industrial products abroad.

Accordingly, in the field of Technology – Industry, VinFast plans to launch 5 electric motorcycle models and 3 smart car models VFe34, VF35 and VF36. The new models are expected to help VinFast maintain its position in the domestic market and bring VinFast to the international market.

For the smart device segment, VinSmart will focus on developing IoT products and Infotainment features for VinFast cars and a smart ecosystem consisting of 3 spears: smart cities, smart homes and smart services.

In the field of housing real estate, Vinhomes will continue to implement and hand over urban projects, promote the implementation of a multi-channel sales model combining online and traditional, and launch a second-line business, supporting home buyers.

In the field of retail real estate, Vincom Retail continues to provide the market with nearly 100,000 m2 of retail floor space, bringing the total retail floor area across the system to 1.8 million m2, maintaining its position. number one in terms of number of malls.

In the field of Tourism and Entertainment, Vinpearl expects to maintain and develop the domestic market with the spearhead of online sales channels and business channels, and at the same time develop and expand key foreign markets through the implementation of strong marketing and communication activities to prepare for opportunities as soon as international routes reopen.

In terms of capital and investment, Vingroup will deploy many forms of capital mobilization at home and abroad through a variety of financial instruments, effectively control new open investment and optimize the efficiency of capital use to serve the needs of customers. short, medium and long term business strategy of the group.

At the next meeting, Vingroup will also submit to shareholders for approval a plan to pay a dividend of 12.5% in shares.

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