VN-Index new week: Continue to accumulate, wait to exceed the level of 1,200 points?

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Last week, the VN-Index reversed dramatically, closing with a slight increase of 3.04 points (equivalent to 0.26%), closing at 1,168.47 points. The HNX-Index rose 3.02 points (equivalent to 1.23%) to close at 249.22 points. The matched liquidity increased slightly from the previous session, with 528.2 million shares traded on the HoSE.

The VN30-Index also had similar movements when it increased slightly by 0.32% at the end of the session. The number of shares increased or decreased equally. Notably HPG with an increase of 3.3%, followed by BID (+ 1.5%), MBB (+ 1.3%), PDR (+ 1.3%), PNJ (+ 1.1%) … On the other side, there were 5 codes that lost over 1%, that is VRE (-1.6%), KDH (-1.5%), HDB (-1.4%), VHM (-1.2 %) and SBT (-1.1%).

Small and medium stocks continued to differentiate. Notably, codes gained to the limit like IJC (+ 7%), RDP (+ 7%), RIC (+ 7%), HAH (+ 6.9%), NVT (+ 6.9%) .. .

Foreigners continued to be net sellers on the HoSE with a value of 473.3 billion. The most were VNM (-137 billion), followed by VRE (-75.3 billion), DXG (-46.2 billion), MSN (-42.3 billion), HDB (-37.7 billion) .. On the net buying side, some codes were scattered like VJC (+22.9 billion), HPG (+22.1 billion), GAS (+17.3 billion) …

According to Rong Viet Securities Company (VDSC), the process of testing supply – demand has not finished yet, the market is still able to recover in the next session to continue this process.

“Investors should temporarily still observe the movement of the cash flow in the next session to reevaluate the state of the market”, the VDSC expert recommends.

From the view of technical analysis, Ban Viet Securities Company (VCSC) said that the short-term technical signal remained Positive at all indices. However, the weak warning signal at VN-Index, VN30 and VNMidcap has not been removed until the MA5 resistance at 1,170 points, 1,175 points and 1,385 points is conquered.

VCSC forecasts that in the first session of the week, the market can maintain inertia to increase in the morning so that the VN-Index can try to overcome the resistance at 1,170 points and test the stability of the demand at high prices.

“If it can close above this level, the VN-Index will have a chance to retest, even surpass the 1,200 point level in the following sessions. On the contrary, if the demand is not strong enough to maintain its position. Above 1,170 points, selling pressure might increase again at the end of the day, then the VN-Index might retest or even break the MA10 support at 1,158 points to move towards the next support around. 1,125 points (MA20) “, the expert of VCSC stated his opinion.

Meanwhile, Bao Viet Securities Company (BVSC) believes that the market will continue to have cumulative sideways movements with mixed up and down sessions. The index is likely to challenge resistant level of 1.175-1.185 points in the first few sessions of the week. This will still be a resistance area that can create pressure to shake and adjust for the market when approaching.

“In general, the market is still in the cumulative fluctuation phase below the resistance zone of 1,185-1,200 points. We believe that this is the necessary accumulation process to help the market and stock groups create. the new price level before moving towards the expectation of surpassing the historic peak of around 1,200 points in the near future “, said BVSC’s expert.

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