VN-Index will continue to shake until it surpasses 1,375 points?

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In the last session of the week, the gaining movement of the stock market lasted from the beginning to the end of the session. At the end of the session, VN-Index gained 28.16 points (equivalent to 2.13%), closing at 1,351.74 points. HNX-Index increased by 5.37 points (equivalent to 1.73%), closing at 316.69 points. Matching liquidity increased with 705 million matched shares on HoSE.

VN30-Index also recovered positively, with an increase of 2.51% at the end of the session. There were many codes that boosted the index’s recovery, especially Banking groups like TCB (+5%), STB (+5.5%), CTG (+6.9%), MBB (+ 4%), HDB (+5.4%). On the other side, there were only 3 losers: SBT (-1.8%), VNM (-0.2%) and VPB (-0, first%).

Small and medium-sized stocks are also trading actively again but the differentiation is still ongoing. Highlights are some positive bullish stock codes such as DXG (+7%), HVH (+7%), MIG (+7%), DCL (+6.9%), PHC (+6.9%).

Foreign investors were net buyers for the second consecutive session on HoSE, with a value of 610.1 billion dong. Prominent is PLX (+139.6 billion), followed by VHM (+96.4 billion), KDH (+72 billion), STB (+67.7 billion), PDR (+47.8 billion).. The net selling side was DXG (-133.8 billion), followed by HPG (-75.8 billion), GEX (-44.1 billion), LPB (-30.2 billion), VIC (- 15.3 billion).

According to Rong Viet Securities Company (VDSC), VN-Index is having the opportunity to regain its uptrend, but temporarily it may struggle and challenge at 1,355-1,375 points in the near future. Therefore, investors can take advantage of the current uptrend of the market and at the same time exploit short-term opportunities in stocks with positive movements after accumulation.

From a technical analysis point of view, Viet Capital Securities Company (VCSC) said that short-term technical signals of VN-Index, VN30-Index, VNMidcap and VNSmallcap have improved to Positive with immediate resistance at old peak. Meanwhile, the signal of HNX-Index is still kept at Neutral level when the resistance of the 10-day MA has not been conquered.

VCSC forecasts that in the first trading session of the week, the market will probably show an uptrend so that the VN-Index will go up to test the old peak around 1,375 points while the HNX-Index will show an attempt to break above the MA10 at 318 points.

“At the present time, although the technical signal has improved to a certain extent, the market’s hesitation will still remain when the VN-Index has not set a new high and the HNX-Index has not even regained its credit. Positive signal, it is likely that the swings will continue to appear until VN-Index can surpass the level of 1,375.In the over-peak scenario, the Fibonacci Extension tool shows the next strong resistance level of VN. -Index is quite far away, around 1,480 points,” VCSC’s expert stated.

Meanwhile, Vietcombank Securities Company (VCBS) said that in the context of strong fluctuations in the international and regional financial markets, the negative psychological impact on the Vietnamese market in the short term is inevitable.

However, this securities company still views the medium and long-term prospects of the Vietnamese market as positive on the basis of macro factors and the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic is still being done well.

“Therefore, we believe that the differentiation in the market will most likely continue to prevail as stocks with positive business prospects in the second half of 2021 and long-term growth potential will continue to attract cash flow,” VCBS said.

This securities company recommends that investors hold stocks selectively on the basis of thorough assessment of business activities of enterprises before making investment decisions, and also need to focus on risk management. strictly, avoid acting on emotions as well as abusing leverage during times of strong market volatility.

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