VNDirect launches contact feature right on the stock trading application

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VNDirect Securities Company has just launched a call and chat feature on the mobile app to help save on call costs for investors and caregivers. This is one of the new features of D-Link customer care system at VNDirect. VNDirect is the first securities company in Vietnam to launch a contact feature for this application.

In addition to the basic features commonly found in trading applications such as price list tracking, placing orders, looking up order books and stock portfolios, referencing graphs and business information, now, investors You can quickly and quickly contact account specialists while trading on a mobile app.

Specifically, investors and account care staff can call, chat, send regular messages or messages with photos, videos, text documents via the online contact feature on the application. In addition, exchanged information is fully stored in the contact history for easy reference when needed.

In the event of any change of account caregiver, this application will immediately synchronize new information to ensure the most convenient and safe for customers. Investors are also more secure when communicating via the trading app because the company has verified the contact’s identity, and the exchange content also ensures a high level of confidentiality because it is not required through the central communication application.

VNDirect ra mắt tính năng liên lạc ngay trên ứng dụng giao dịch chứng khoán - Ảnh 1.

VNDirect launches contact feature right on the stock trading application. Photo: VND

The representative of VNDirect Digital Sales said: “Every month, on average, each account attendant at VNDirect receives hundreds of calls, thousands of messages or chats with customers. This new feature will help both employees and employees caregivers and customers save time, costs, and bring convenience and security than other forms of communication. “

Continuous improvement of technology is the key to making a difference

With the technological strength affirmed in the past 14 years, VNDIRECT leaders repeatedly emphasized the importance and determination of businesses in continuously improving technology platforms and creating new features to serve effectively investment process of customers.

In July 2019, VNDirect Stock trading application launched the stock price list. In August 2019, the company introduced the feature of placing bond orders, monitoring the portfolio and bond order book on the app.

In January 2020, VNDirect Stock trading application updated its feature to allow trading of fund certificates on mobile phones. In July 2020, VNDirect launched the chat feature on the trading app and is expected to continue to upgrade the online calling feature in August 2020, helping to save the cost of consulting calls for investors and care professionals.

Aiming to become a leading financial and technological institution in Vietnam, VNDirect Securities is gradually realizing this goal by meticulous improvement in every technology detail with an effort to continuously improve its Investment experience for all customers.