VNDirect will buy 2.6 million NLG in Nam Long’s private placement

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Accordingly, Nam Long plans to offer 60 million individual shares at the price of 33,500 VND/share, equivalent to the expected mobilized amount of 2,010 billion VND. Nam Long’s charter capital will increase from 2,853 billion VND to 3,453 billion VND after the issuance.

The list of actual investors participating in this issuance of Nam Long includes 25 domestic and foreign organizations and individuals, including 11 professional securities investors who are foreign funds.

Specifically, about domestic investors, in addition to the internal shareholders and related people that Nam Long announced previously, a few new names appeared such as VNDirect Securities Joint Stock Company, Nguyen Sai Gon Co., Ltd with the number of 2.6 million and 816,000 units respectively.

In which, Nguyen Saigon currently does not own any NLG shares, while VNDirect holds only 93 units. The amount that these two units, in turn, plan to spend to buy all the distributed NLG shares is 87.1 billion dong and more than 27.3 billion dong.

On the foreign side, in addition to Nam Long’s shareholders, the new names appearing on the list are 3 member funds of Dragon Capital group with a total expected purchase amount of more than 5.2 million shares, the corresponding expenditure is more than 174 billion VND.

Thus, in total, domestic investors will buy more than 30.7 million shares of NLG in this private placement, while foreign investors will buy the remaining 29.2 million shares.

In another development, Nam Long recently announced that it has completed the transfer of a part of capital at Paragon Dai Phuoc Company Limited – the investor of Nam Long Dai Phuoc urban area to Japanese partner Niship Nippon Railroad. Accordingly, Nam Long and its Japanese partner will jointly develop the project.

Nam Long started contributing capital to establish Paragon Dai Phuoc One Member Co., Ltd. to invest in the above project from 2018. Updated as of December 31, 2020, this enterprise has a charter capital of nearly VND 1,367 billion, owned by Nam Long owns 100% capital.

Earlier at the 2021 annual general meeting of shareholders, Nam Long’s management announced a plan to transfer 50% of capital at Paragon Dai Phuoc this year with the expectation of VND 300 billion to contribute to the company’s financial revenue. Karma. According to the consolidated financial statements of the second quarter, the project is worth more than 1,700 billion VND in progress.

NLG shares closed on September 6 at 45,700 VND/share. Market capitalization is estimated at more than 13,000 billion VND.

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