Week 19 – October 23: Foreign investors boosted net selling of 2,500 billion dong, MSN’s focus

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In the past week, the net selling value of foreign investors on HOSE increased by nearly 50% compared to the previous week. Notably, MSN shares continued to lead the net selling side with the value of 786 billion dong. For the last two weeks, foreign investors have discharged nearly 1,700 billion MSN.

Foreign investors’ transaction statistics last week, their net selling activities expanded on HOSE and UPCoM while decreasing their net buying on HNX. Accordingly, the net selling value of foreign investors in the whole market reached 2,554 billion dong, up 44% from the previous week; The corresponding net sale volume is 79.63 million units.

Foreign investors still focused on selling MSN, pushing the net selling value of this code to 1,700 billion dong after two weeks

On HOSE, foreign investors continued to discharge 2,564 billion VND with the volume of 79 million shares while the previous week they sold only 1,772 billion VND. In which, net selling activities focused on stock market with the value of 2,460 billion dong.

Tuần 19 - 23/10: Khối ngoại đẩy mạnh bán ròng 2.500 tỉ đồng, tâm điểm MSN - Ảnh 1.

Source: Anh Huong compiled from Fiinpro

Top 10 stocks in terms of net selling value last week, foreign investors focused on discharging MSN (VND 786 billion). Notably, last week, MSN also led the net selling side with a value of 892 billion dong. So in just two weeks, foreign investors have discharged nearly 1,700 billion Masan shares.

In addition to foreign transactions, internal related shareholders also registered to sell shares when the market price of MSN shares has been continuously increasing recently. Specifically, Ms. Dao Minh Thu, wife of Mr. Nguyen Thieu Nam – Member of the Board of Directors cum Deputy General Director registered to sell all 150,000 shares of MSN. Trading is expected to start from October 22 to November 20 via order matching or agreement.

Along with the pressure of divesting from foreign investors, DIG recorded the second highest net selling value of 491 billion dong last week. Recently, Taekwang Vina Industrial JSC announced to sell all 28.2 million DIG shares, equivalent to 9.19% of its charter capital on October 20. Previously, Taekwang Vina Industrial also sold nearly 2.3 million DIG shares on October 5.

On the other hand, foreign investors strongly net sold two banking codes, CTG (338 billion dong) and VPB (122 billion dong). The two shares “Vingroup” also recorded a net selling value of VND297 billion and VND 176 billion respectively during the week.

On the other hand, foreign capital flow withdrew over 100 billion dong from VNM (152 billion dong) and KDH (101 billion dong). Among the top net sellers were POW (80 billion dong) and GAS (77 billion dong).

Top 10 stocks attracted foreign investors to net buy, TCB shares led with the value of 142 billion dong. In the same direction, shareholders related to Techcombank internal also have moved to collect TCB shares in recent years.

Accordingly, Mr. Nguyen Van Trung, husband of Ms. Thai Ha Linh, Chief Accounting Officer of Techcombank successfully purchased 575,520 TCB shares out of 1 million shares registered from September 18 to October 18. The amount bought was not equal to the registration number because the market price did not meet expectations.

Foreign investors also net bought two stocks HPG and VIC, respectively VND 129 billion and VND 104 billion. In recent years, HPG shares of Hoa Phat have attracted attention as they continuously increased strongly with explosive liquidity. With the latest closing price on October 23 at 30,900 dong / share, HPG overcame the old peak in February 2018 to set a new price record.

From the beginning of 2020 up to now, HPG’s share price has grown by nearly 55%. Compared to the bottom of the COVID-19 pandemic at the end of March, shares of this steel giant rose nearly 130%.

Accordingly, the net assets of Hoa Phat Group Chairman Tran Dinh Long exceeded the threshold of 1 billion USD on the list watched by Forbes magazine.

On the same side of net buying, the rest of top10 codes all recorded less than hundred billion dong. For example, foreign investors poured 75 billion dong into DXG shares, the only fund certificate in the top trading activities FUESSV30 (24.4 billion dong), and VHC (23 billion dong). Some other stocks attracted foreign capital flows such as CTD, GVR, DCM, STB.

Only HNX recorded net buying value last week

On the HNX, although the net buying momentum narrowed significantly, foreign investors continued to collect 22 billion dong with the volume of 1.8 million shares. Their net buying activities took place in the first three sessions of the week, whereas the last two sessions recorded a slight net selling value.

Tuần 19 - 23/10: Khối ngoại đẩy mạnh bán ròng 2.500 tỉ đồng, tâm điểm MSN - Ảnh 2.

Source: Anh Huong compiled from Fiinpro

On the net buying side, foreign investors mainly poured capital into SHS shares (40 billion dong). Following that, they also net bought BAX (2.7 billion dong), DP3 (1.6 billion dong), NTP and DNM (1.4 billion dong). IDV and HUT, respectively, recorded a net buying value of 1.3 billion and 1 billion. Remaining stocks in top net buying were SD9, SZB and WCS.

On the other side, SHB shares recorded the highest net selling value last week of 10.9 billion dong. On the other hand, foreign capital flow withdrew from DTD (VND 3.9 billion), VCG (VND 3.6 billion), VCS (VND 3.6 billion) and PVS (VND 2.2 billion). Besides, foreign investors net sold NBC, BVS, INN, VMC, and VTC.

Foreigners focused on releasing LPB but net bought shares of Viettel Post

Trading on UPCoM, foreign investors reduced their net selling from 90 billion VND last week to 12.5 billion VND this week. Foreign investors withdrew their capital from this market in the first and last two sessions of the week, and the remaining sessions recorded overwhelming net buying.

Tuần 19 - 23/10: Khối ngoại đẩy mạnh bán ròng 2.500 tỉ đồng, tâm điểm MSN - Ảnh 3.

Source: Anh Huong compiled from Fiinpro

In which, foreign capital inflows to shares of VTP and ACV respectively 13.3 billion and 10.1 billion. In the same direction, foreign investors poured capital into SIP (3.3 billion dong), MCH and BVB (2.9 billion dong), and VIB (2.7 billion dong). In addition, they also net bought VRG, ABI, FOC, and WSB shares.

In contrast, the stock LPB led the net selling side with the value of 25.6 billion dong. Then, foreign investors divested from MSR (7.8 billion dong), VEA (7.5 billion dong) and VGG (6 billion dong). Noting lower net selling value were also VGI (2.3 billion dong), MPC, KHA, NTC, BSR and TRS.

Source: vietnambiz.vn – Translated by fintel.vn